29 July 2008

Gocco Invites

This is my most recent wedding invitation design. Too bad the photos are terrible. I really want a new camera!!! I keep telling my hubby that I am buying one after our next child...so until then. Anyway, I don't know if there are any other crazy gocco'ers out there, but I printed all 400 invites on my tiny little PG-5 machine. Okay, but that doesn't just mean 400...that means I printed 400 invites with 6 different images when its all put together, so lets do the math 400X6 =2400. That means I pressed my little gocco machine down 2400 times! My husband thinks I am a crazy person, and I would have to say I agree!!! Oh and as if that wasn't time consuming enough, I also sewed every single one. Yeah how's that for CRAZY!


Tony said...

I'm telling you...the sewing business was great...it got you all ready for doing the same litte thing over and over.

Tony said...

it is too bad Kami just didn't wait one day to get married on 08.08.08.