13 March 2012

Busy Work

I finished a couple fun custom orders last week!  I still have so much fabric...and not nearly enough time to sew it!!  Check out my shop for some extreme deals during my Spring Sale!

23 September 2011

Martyn Lawrence Bullard for Schumacher

Yes it has been all the rage on blogs now this week it seems like, so I thought I would join in!  I just sold a couple of these pillows in my Etsy shop the other day!  Someone has got some killer taste in pillows!  I am jealous, I enjoyed looking at them as I packaged them up!  I am sure we will be seeing lots of this line in the design scene, can't wait!

28 May 2011


Just came across this fabric online.  Definitely a favorite!!  It is from HusandHem, located in the UK.

17 February 2011


I can't get enough of this print by Carly Schwerdt for Umbrella Prints.  I ordered some meterage in it, and it just arrived today after much anticipation.  I love it!   I ordered three of the colors and they all exceed my expectations.  Not only are they killer cute mod elephants, but it is printed on an organic cotton and hemp blend fabric with 100% water based solvent free inks.  All hand printed in Australia.  Hats off to these great Australian textile designers!
How cute for a nursery or kids room, or a little smock! So great.

12 January 2011




So I just had a customer purchase a custom order on Etsy the other day. She purchased the top fabric which is the "Tanjore Assam" It is an elegant embroidered floral pattern on linen. I am excited to receive it!
The geometric fabric in purple shown at the bottom is one of my favorites. It is called "Minaret". I think it's fabulous, in fact it may find its way onto my sofas upstairs, that still don't have any pillows on. Of all the things you would think I would at least have some great pillows on my own sofa...still waiting!

01 October 2010


This quilt "wowed" me...seriously, "WOW!" I found it on True Up's website, a website that I visit often. This quilt was created by Sheri Lynn Wood, see here for instructions on how to do it.

31 August 2010

How exciting...more pillows! I will be featured on Sayyestohoboken's blog tomorrow, so I have been trying to get some stock built up in my shop. So many fabrics, so many pillows, so little time....

26 August 2010


Take a moment and notice how I still don't have a lamp on my nightstand...very dysfunctional every single night when I need a light, I already wasted money on a floor boom arm lamp that doesn't even fit by the side of my bed with the nightstand!

I love the color combo in this pattern. I think it would be really cute with a pink back on it too!

16 August 2010

The cake flowers were a bit of a struggle to complete, because the cake had started to melt!! But I think it turned out good in the end. I loved the cotton ball streamers! (super great idea by the bride!) I really like how these flowers pulled together. She wanted something bright and eclectic, but somewhat vintage.
The second photo down is from another wedding job a week before. I used a really pretty garden rose, I thought they were really cool looking. They look like a a mix between a peony and a rose. Very pretty.

24 June 2010

Learning to make patterns

So nice of Natalie to come and share some of her Illustrator skizzles with me! Thanks Natalie! She showed me how to create PATTERN!! It was new to me! I know I learned a little of it in college, but I didn't listen very well, and have since then really wanted to learn how to make patterns! The one above is one I created. I will be posting more about patterns hopefully in the future as I progress!