29 July 2008


I am so excited that I finally got my ebay purchase! Its a vintage Storkline chair. It took a while to get here, because I am a cheap skate and I chose the USPS instead of the UPS to save myself $20 on the shipping. I think that this chair was made in the late 1940's early 1950's. First I am sanding the wood down, and then I am going to condition the wood before applying a dark mahogany stain. The plastic tray is pretty ugly, but I don't know how to change that. I may try and find a metal one that fits.

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Anonymous said...

I have the same high chair but it actually has a moveable foot rest. This is the only picture I have found of a storkline high chair that I have. The one I have was made in the early 1948, because it was a gift to my grandmother when my mother was born and she will now be 65 in less than a month, so the high chair is at least 65 years old. May I ask what you paid for this chair or if you know how much it is worth? Pleas email me with any new information if you would like at dukemonica70@yahoo.com. Thank you so much.