08 June 2010

Bijou Market

We had much, much fun at the Bijou Market this last weekend! It was a great location I thought. (I just know Charity will love that she is in one of the photos!! ;) Charity and I were busily sewing a couple days before the market, and we really did an amazing job at getting some product whipped out! Janica even drove all the way down from Green River to be part of the fun!!..Our favorite pillow...the Chiang Mai, of course! Thanks so much to all who supported modernthread this time!! It was great, we will definitely be participating again!


Jessica said...

Holy cow! Girl, you've been busy! I especially love the chevron patterned pillows.

Derk and Ashley said...

Can I have 1 of everything!!!!

Barbara said...

These pillows look so amazing! Great job. Where and when does Bijou Market take place? Thanks!