28 April 2010


Last night I helped my sister make Bennett little birthday announcements. We had no plans or ideas, and just started from scratch, and came up with this. (It was Janica's idea to add the coral.) which I just love! My printer was being super stupid though, and putting stripes through everything (even after cleaning the nozzle heads!). Dang Epson. Seriously I just bought like a brand new pack of ink, which is basically like buying half a printer, and now it is doing all sorts of funky things!


Derk and Ashley said...

Oh my goodness!!!! Those are so cute Tiff! How come out of our friendship you got all the talent!!!! Super darling...happy birthday Benny Boy!!

Jill said...

these are really fantastic. i love the coral part too.

Holly said...

Tiff you should start an etsy shop for your amazing invitations, I love the wedding one's you did for my Eddy cousins, now how can I talk you into doing mine?