04 December 2009


Beehive Bazaar Going on now thru saturday till 8 o'clock!
Alright, so I had heard that this show was pretty crowded...but I didn't realize that it would be completely out of control --jam packed, full of people to the point where it was difficult just to walk around!! Oh my goodness it was crazy, but it was pretty fun anyway. The line was pretty insane as well. I think that is why stuff would just get randomly put back in the wrong spot. I had a bunch of other stuff set on my display that wasn't mine...and I would also see some of my stuff just set down on other people's displays...it was like, "Hello, this isn't a store...you can't just set something down where ever you want!" Then my mom was sure these two ladies were shoplifting, because they were putting things in their pockets and purse??! Yeah, I don't think that is a normal thing to do if you plan on paying for something?! Anyway it was like, well what do you do when you see that? If you confront them they would just deny it and say they were planning on buying it. So I hope they get what is coming to them if they were stealing. Shame on shoplifters--especially at a handmade market!! Security at these kinds of events are reliant on people being honest. So it made me kind of nervous that maybe people were just walking out with stuff, and not paying for it.

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