21 October 2009


A little shirt I made for Ella. It is just a Gerber brand kimono shirt I bought on clearance and then dyed it chartreuse and the trim is a bunch of little flower shapes cut out and sewed on in a row. Really simple to make.


{Galvin Family} said...

You're too much! I love it!

kamille said...

i LOVE this. you should sell it in your shop!!

lovely lindsay said...

i purchased the sweetest bibs from the beehive bazaar last week. love them. LOVE THEM! and my mama surprise gifted us with the blue/yellow blankie. my boy is snuggled up in it right this second. you've got skills. seriously.
i love this shirt you've made. would you mind telling me how you did the dyeing??? and those sweetie little ruffles?

thanks! lindsay