21 May 2009

Loving the yellow...

::photo by: mlcassid on flickr ::
I like the fresh, bright feeling to this room. I actually painted one of our extra bedrooms a similar color not knowing what gender the next baby would be..(it's a girl, yay!) But I was thinking of using more of a chartruese with a red orange? I don't know...what I do know is I am spinning my wheels over it again, and again!

What a seriously cute rug by designer Angela Adams. I wish I were so lucky to be able to win it for free or something...okay, well that sounds kind of cheap, so I will say, "I would buy it if I could afford it." It would look great in the nursery.

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Whosies said...

congrats on the girl. you could have said something on sunday ;) anywho....yellow is way cute with the blue/teal whatever color...can't remember what i saw. just know it is cute. :)