09 March 2009


I was really kind of stupid, again. That is because these are the only photos that I took of these flowers that I did for a wedding this last weekend, and these were taken with Matt's phone. ..so they are not the greatest!? I really liked how here bouquet turned out, if only I would have taken a good picture of it!! For her reception she wanted wrist corsages, and of course I don't have any pics of those, but they seemed to turned out pretty well. I was slightly nervous, because I have never attempted wrist corsages before. I used a lot of floral glue, that stuff was great!!
I used some Yarrow, roses, gerberas, lisathium, brazilia, and rice flower, all in muted pinks and creams.


Whosies said...

i love it. somehow everything you touch 'blooms'

ok. was that too cheesy?! hee hee glad your back. oh, are you stealing wireless? anywho...icksne on the stealingsne.. :)

{Liz Galvin} said...

Tiff....they turned out beautifully. You're so talented.

Jessica said...


The Vance's said...

Hey! You are super talented!! I love that blanket and bib you made! and I love your diaper bags! I would love one! if you are interested in making me one! If you are interested just let me know how much it would be! Thanks!!