14 October 2008


I was sewing this yesterday. I continue to practice putting invisible zippers in with my new "invisible zipper foot". It works a lot better than what I was using, and they are really not all that hard once you get the swing of it. This is a wool felt pillow cover. I bought way too much fabric this weekend....the story of my life. I found a pretty good tutorial on neveryawn.


Shelby said...

Tiff!! I've got a friend who has a great blog and is a kindred spirit to all of us who like to create. She's having a showcase of local Davis Co. creaters to display their homemade "anthropologie-like" wares. Do you want to be a part of it? I told her how great your stuff is. It's at her house in Farmington on the first friday/saturday of December. I have a link to her blog and her project blog on my blog. Tiffany + Jim and Bohemia File. Check it out and let me know.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you could use the invisible zipper tutorial. I love your felt pillowcase. Although it is a bit too hot here in Puerto Rico for wool pillows, I'll definitely have to make some when I move back to the states in a few years. Take care! -Mary